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Meyer and Rosenbaum has been meeting this area's commercial and personal insurance needs since 1932. And collectively, our team of insurance specialists possesses over 300 years of experience. We rely on this experience and expertise as we guide our clients in making sound decisions about their commercial and personal lines of insurance.


Advising clients on how to get maximum benefits from their insurance coverage begins long before the first claim is ever filed. At Meyer and Rosenbaum, we take pride in the fact that we stay attuned to the many changes that are taking place in the insurance industry. We study and network so that we can offer our clients responsible advice that will protect them against unnecessary risks.


At Meyer and Rosenbaum, we believe that trust is always earned, never given. Our proven performance as insurance professionals has helped us establish this trust with our clients. Over the years, we have been fortunate to forge many long-term business relationships. And, these relationships have been solidified by the growing confidence that our clients have in our abilities as skilled insurance professionals.


Any insurance agency can issue a policy; however, not every insurance agency has the expertise to effectively tailor a client's coverage to his specific needs. At Meyer & Rosenbaum, we engage a large number of reputable insurance companies to help us design the best program of protection for our clients.


We understand that insurance is a sizeable investment for our clients and that they rely on us to ensure a prompt and fair resolution whenever they do have a claim. At Meyer and Rosenbaum, we go to great lengths to develop a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients so that we can provide the most practical and effective protection. We then utilize our resources to identify those companies that are best suited to provide adequate coverage at a fair rate.